International Expansion

Given the global dimension of the markets to be explored, the MasterInt Group. works directly with companies and private corporations, cooperatives, chambers of commerce, class entities, sector associations, export promotion and investment agencies, universities and research centers to carry out services to support the international expansion strategy.

No matter where you are on your journey in the international marketplace, our knowledge is applied in a customized way and in harmony with the strategic objectives and goals, promoting the international expansion of your business.

We work in three main areas:

External Environment

Mapping and selection of international markets
Market scenario analysis
(Market research)
Prospecting of distributors, suppliers, buyers, representatives and partners
International Business Missions

Internal environment

International Marketing (Marketing and Sales Strategic Plan)
Economic and financial feasibility study
Dashboards to support executive management
BackOffice and outsourcing in international operation management

Virtual Environment

Cross-border E-commerce Projects
Management of International Marketplaces
Inbound Marketing Advisory
Chinese Social Media Advisory

Looking for international trade & market expansion?